Ud Pro Foam™

Ud Pro Foam™ is a hyper-lightweight midsole foam that deliversexceptional propulsion for achieving optimum speed during ultradistancerunning. A pro version of the Ud Foam™, this EVA-basedfoam adds a unique chemical compound for superior rebound andminimal weight. Super-fast and hyper-lightweight are the maincharacteristics of this pro-grade midsole foam. This is for racing atthe highest level of running.

Ud Foam™

Ud Foam™ is a lightweight and durable midsole foam thatdelivers consistent propulsion during ultra-distance running.This EVA-based foam, which is an improved version of thesuccessful Vault Foam™, adds a unique chemical compoundfor enhanced rebound and durability. Fast, light and longlastingare the main characteristics of this high-qualitymidsole foam.

Cr Foam

Cr Foam is an ultra-lightweight and sustainable midsole foam with excellentenergy rebound that offers a pillow-soft ride and feel in a variety of terrains.The foam is produced with an environmentally friendly technology, whichincludes a non-toxic process with no chemicals added to the raw materials. Inaddition, the elements are fully integrated under high temperature and highpressure, magnifying the foam’s qualities to provide increased levels of performance.The result is a high-performing midsole foam with a green approach.

Ar Foam™

Ar Foam™ is an all-round soft-ride midsole material that offersgreat energy return while providing stability and an exceptionallysmooth ride. This EVA-based foam adds a unique chemicalcompound for perfect deceleration without sacrificing toe-offacceleration capability. Stable and smooth are the maincharacteristics of this versatile midsole foam.

Px Foam™

Px Foam™ is an ultra-lightweight midsole material that offers an exceptionallyhigh amount of energy return while providing shock-resistance and flexibility.A single, natural foaming agent is used in making this green innovation withoutadding any chemical cross-linking agents. The process is non-toxic and thereforeenvironmentally friendly. Raw and finished materials are completely re-usable.The innovative foam has an extremely low density making it up to 20% lighterthan traditional EVA. The reduced weight combined with responsiveness andexplosive rebound making Px Foam™ perfect for every run.

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